AI for All

FREE Agronomist level lifetime diagnostics for all farmers globally

$ 1 Phone Magnifier

for assessing pests, plant disease and prodcue quality


The only way we can deliver such an ambitious scheme is through active partnerships with those who share our mission

Research Partners:

We are collaborating with a wide range of research partners, ag experts to build and validate our AI Engines. We will also work with them on different product types and different regions to ensure that we can deliver valuable diagnostics to farmers in their regions.

Ag Industry Partners :

We will be working with a select number of industry partners who are interested in working with us. They will be provided a beta version of the devices at a cost well before the launch so that they can start testing it and creating useful AI apps. They will have the chance to commit order of 1000 pieces at launch.

Business Model

We are building a sustainable business model to ensure that this project creates value and is able to sustain itself. The magnifier currently costs us about $10 USD to manufacture in Australia. After our formal launch, it will be mass-produced and sold to farmers at $1 through partners and distributors.AI detection will be free of charge. It will be supported by ads from agrochemical companies- who supply chemical remedies for pest and plant disease.

AI Training

We are keen to train as many students, researchers and agronomist on AI

Online Session: How to build AI Engines

We offer a free one hour hands-on AI training sessions for those who wish to part with us. No previous AI experience is required. At the end of this session, participants will have a basic understanding of building an AI Engine for detection of pests and plant disease

AI Engines for deployment

After the training sessions, we will agree on building AI engines for a specific insect or plant disease. We will then make this available in our app for others to use.

Sessions for Universities

20 students can participate in our sessions at a time. We will have a Q&A session at the end of it. Universities need to buy a trial pack of 10 magnifiers to participate. The sessions are free.

You can register here: https://www.gomicro.co/ai-sessions/


We welcome the participation of all those who wish to support this project, who want to help solve real problems affecting subsistence farmers

Verified Images

We need expert verified images of insects and plant disease to build AI Engines. These images need to be taken using GoMicro. We are able to provide up to 3 GoMicro devices at no cost, but shipping has to be paid. We need 50 images of target and 50 images of target-lookalikes for training our AI engines. Once it is trained you can test it out using our app.

Beta Testing

Once the engines are built we would like to test it out with smallholder farmers who have rudimentary smartphones. We look forward to working with Ag Extension organisations for this.


We look forward to working with researchers who are able to validate the accuracy of our detection engines. Typically we achieve around ~80% accuracy with just 50 images

Online Training

We provide online training on “How to build an AI Engine” for all our partners. Through this, they get to build and test their own AI Engines.