60X is now GoMicro

We have just rebranded from “60X” to “GoMicro”. Through feedback from many users of our 60X Field Microscopes, we have found that the brand name 60X was confusing and sometimes misleading.

Due to the fact we use a smartphone with our device, the magnification of our Field Microscope does not rely on the lens, but rather the capabilities of the smartphone, such as the camera resolution and zooming capabilities. By labeling the brand as 60X we do not reflect the full capabilities of our device.

Some users have also found the brand 60X by itself as non-descriptive. Without the product Field Microscope next to it, 60X does not make a lot of sense. We hope that moving from “60X” to “GoMicro” will address these issues. Hope you like this change.

We are working with Emily Hilder of Human Brands. Emily is helping us to refresh our brand and also name our range of products. It has been a pleasure to work with her.


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