AI Apps


We are building insect and leaf disease detecting apps  – if you can visually tell the difference, we can build an app for it.

We are now building AI apps for a wide variety of applications. If you want us to build an app. Please fill this expression of interest form and we will get back to you soon.

We need only 100 images to achieve high accuracies (80~90%) using our AI Microscope.


Please register for more details.


How does this work ?

We first discuss the opportunity and assess the suitability of our microscopes and AI for detection. It should have commercial applications in the long term or have a compelling humanitarian benefit.

What are the Steps ?

  1. Quick assessment after signing an NDA we will provide our AI microscope at cost.
  2. You will provide 100 images on the target and 100 images of similar items (but not target) acquired using our microscope
  3. We will develop a web app that you can use to validate. We expect it to be working with 70~80% accuracy
  4. If you are happy with it, we sign commercial MOU to deploy the service as an app with a mutually beneficial arrangement
  5. We deploy a high accuracy 90~95% app with due acknowledgement and a reciprocal arrangement that we have agreed on.