AI Assessment of Fruits and Vegetables

GoMicro A Technology can accurately assess the ripeness of fruits and vegetables using a small number of training images. Below is an example of our ripeness assessment app built with just 100 images taken from about four fruits/vegetables from Monday to Friday. These are the assessment accuracies we achieved (in assessing freshness). These accuracies can be further improved with the use of more training images.

Results of a one-week freshness Assessment of fruits and vegetables bought in a local supermarket

GoMicro Ripness Assessment

Most ripeness assessment is based on color. But color changes with lighting conditions. GoMicro AI Assessment relies on assessing the texture of the fruit. It works well even when external lighting changes.

GoMicro SpotCheck

GoMicro spot check can assess the ripeness of fruits and vegetables accurately.

GoMicro BoxChecker

GoMicro AI can be trained to assess the ripeness of fruits or vegetables in a box. A single sample of the different stages is used to train the AI app.

Building an AI Grader

Explanation of how an AI assessment app is built. Once it is built it we can deploy it with the SpotChecker app.