AI Sessions

Online hands-on AI training sessions for Scientists, Agronomists and Organisations

The training includes an introductory 40-minute session AI and a follow on hands-on 40-minute session where students build and test their own AI engines using a GoMicro device.

Introductory Session

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Online Demo
  3. What is AI?
  4. Accuracy Issues
  5. Training and Testing
  6. AI in Agriculture
  7. GoMicro AI
  8. AI for detecting pest and plant disease
  9. AI for Food Quality Assessment
  10. How AI can improve profitability
  11. Exercise for the hands-on session

Home Work Exercise

Build and Test and AI Engine to differentiate Front/Back of any leaf using 50 Gomicro images – to be loaded into Google Drive. AI engines will then be built out of these images and deployed in the student’s device for testing. This can be done in groups of 3 students.

Frontside of leaf
Backside of leaf

You need to bring a fresh set of leaves (around 10) for testing the next session

DIY AI Session

1.Install and Register Spot Check App
2.Testing of AI Engine (experiment)
3.Assessing accuracy (experiment)
4.Assessing the accuracy of AI with a lower number of images (demo)
5.Assessing the accuracy of AI with faulty training(demo)
6.What is overfitting?
7.Your own detection project (discussion)


  1. PC/Laptop with WebCam
  2. Zoom
  3. GoMicro Magnifier

The sessions are FREE (but you need to have GoMicro Devices)

Session Format

Sessions will have a maximum of 15 learners. The DIY AI Session will be supported by a tutor, who will set up a GoMicro Session Account with the provided QR code. A WhatsApp group will be created for the class for peer to peer discussions and support.