Beta Testers

We are inviting beta testers to test out our AI App and GoMicro AI Microscopes.

Step 1

Fill the form in the right. If you are selected you will get a GoMicro Analyser FREE (but you have to pay for postage).

Step 2

We expect you to take 50 images an upload into your google drive or dropbox and send us the link.

Step 3

We will build a web AI App that you can assess with your phone and test out the accuracy

Step 4

You provide us with results and testimonials if you are happy with the app. You can keep the device and continue to use it.

Beta Test
We will provide you a FREE beta version of our GoMicro Analyzer. You have to pay for Postage and be willing to share your results with a video testimonial.

After Testing

We will publish the results and delete the data that you gave us for testing. You can continue to use our web app for 6 months.