Build My AI App (Beta)

Microscopy 4.0

We can build you an AI app that works with GoMicro

Step 1

Fill the form in the right. If you are selected you will get a GoMicro Analyser FREE (but you have to pay for postage).

Step 2

We expect you to take 50 images and upload into your google drive or dropbox and send us the link.

We prefer to have a 3 to 4 categories. With 50 images for category. We can also do two categories only if it is a hard detection problem where the two categories look identical but are different.

Step 3

We will build a web AI App that you can assess with your phone and test out the accuracy

Step 4

You provide us with results and testimonials if you are happy with the app. You can keep the device and continue to use it.

After Testing

We will publish the results and delete the data that you gave us for testing demo.gomicro.co. You can continue to use our web app for 6 months.