This offer is for those keen to explore GoMicro applications

If you wish to verify the capabilities of GoMicro detection it is best to test it out your selves. You can provide us images and we will build you an AI engine for testing for a total fee of $100AUD

What we provide

  1. One Microscopes
  2. Online support for image acquisition’
  3. Three AI Engines built and deployed for testing for 3 months

What we expect you to do

  1. Identify a target and something that looks like the target
  2. Provide us 50 images of each(via dropbox or google drive)
  3. Test it out and provide us with the accuracy results


Who owns the images? – You. Once the AI engine is built we will delete all the images except 5 for the use in our demo site and app. We will require permission to use the AI engine for the purpose of demoing along with 5 images for the same purpose. You need to give us permission to use you as the provider of images and as a tester

What happens if we do not meet the accuracy? – We will rebuild the engine with a bigger set of images (maybe 100) at no additional cost. Accuracy also depends on the quality of the data. in AI Junk In Junck out. Typically we achieve over 90% accuracy but there is no guarantee. Once you have the app you can assess the accuracy your self.

If it works what is next step? – We can suggest a per click subscription service with a minimum subscription of a year. The device price will be included in the subscription