AI Assessment App

You can now build your own AI assessment App with a set of 50 images taken with GoMicro Device and Spot check App

Why is GoMicro more accurate?

Uniform Lighting


Designed for AI

What can it be used for?

AI Technologies can now be trained to identify anything that can be identified by the human eye – almost as accurately and in some cases more accurately. The AI used by GoMicro is a classification technology that can help you classify according to visual properties such as ripeness, size, colour or texture – or based on a combination of these.

Create Custom Quality Standards

With Spot Check, you can create quality standards based on your produce so that buyers and sellers can agree on the standards.

Where is it being used?

We are completing successful trails in Sri Lanka and in Australia. Many more trials are underway.

How do I train my Own AI Engine?

We make this super simple. All you need is two or more categories (eg fruits of different ripeness). You just need to take 50 GoMicro images of each category and we will do the rest.