Capturing images with GoMicro Examine for AI Engine training

STEP 1:  Download GoMicro Micro Quest mobile application to mobile device

For Android –

For Iphone –

STEP 2: Attach the GoMicro Examine device to your mobile device as shown in the video link below (in the video he uses a different magnifier but the method is the same)

STEP 3: Keep the insect in a white sheet ( without any writing or designs) and make sure that the lighting conditions stay the same – We do this step to avoid the AI from gathering unwanted data and to make the accuracy way better. The image should have only one insect and zoom in to capture the insect properly. Make sure not to capture multiple images of the same insect to avoid dupplication.

Important : Send a few sample images to & for approval before and taking all the images.

STEP 4: Upload the images using the google drive link emailed to you. Rename the folders with the name of the image set and insert the relevant images in it.