Collaborating Scientists

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Mathews Paret – Plant pathologist based in University of Florida with a special interest in tropical and ornamental plants

Wasantha Kumara – Plant pathologist the University of Ruhuna we are working closely with him building and testing AI Engines

Chacko Jacob – Agtech expert with a deep understanding of what is happening the AgTech World. We are discussing an advisory relationship with him.

Stephanie Camerena – PhD reachers at RMIT (Australia) exploring the use of GoMicro to assess produce spoilage to reduce food waste

Mustafa Nagaraj – Agricultural extension services Pakistan

Michael Gomez Selvaraj– Leader Phenomics platform, Crop nutrition and health division, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

Govind Gujar – Founder AGRIBIOSYS, retired Entomologist

Rob Lewis – Chairman of our company former head of SARDI

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