Inquiry based learning

GoMicro creates the kind of engagement that you rarely see in science classes.
Science education in primary schools should be about exploration. GoMicro sets up your kids in the path of exploration.

Schools using GoMicro

St. Francis School, Christie Downs Primary School, Ocean View College B-12, Littlehampton Primary School, Mt Barker South Primary School, Waikerie High School, Coromandel Valley Primary School, Scotch College Adelaide, Victory Christian College, Catholic Education Office, Cabra Dominican College, St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Birkdale State School, Meriden School, Woodville High School, St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Manly Vale Public School

We have run 100s of sessions

  • Holiday Sessions in Most Libraries in South Australia
  • Science Alive (During National Science Week)
  • MIT Musem (Boston USA)
  • Exploratorium (San Francisco USA)
  • South Australia Museum 
  • Adelaide University
  • Flinders University 

For schools in South Australia

Haley Cross our Primary Educators can help your school get started with Go Micro.


Joane Palakat can help you run session outside schools.

100 Free GoMicro Lessons

From year 1 to year 10 Sessions created by naturalist Peter Macinnis

GoMicro Sessions with Teachers at the Science Teachers Association of South Australia Annual Conference 2018

Teachers love GoMicro Sessions

We have run many professional development sessions for teachers in schools and in conferences.

Run your own GoMicro Sessions

They are easy to run. We will get you help started.