GoMicro Assessor Pre-Launch Offer (DRAFT)

Lentils Assessed with GoMicro Assessor

Who is this for?

This special offer is for early adopters of a phone-based technology using artificial intelligence that will soon democratise quality assessment.

We want to make Quality Assessment Accurate, Affordale and Available to all

Babies don’t run as soon as they are born.

This technology was developed over a few years by a dedicated team at Flinders University. The core technology enables us to do accurate quality assessments using a small number of images. It is patent pending.

Building Artificial intelligence Applxcaions requires thousands of images. We have managed to build our application with just a few hundred. As our application is used, we will get more and more images that we can use to improve accuracy. We aim to achieve accuracies that match human or exceed human assessment by mind next 2023. For now, we believe we are around 95% accurate. With your feedback, we can make it a lot more accurate – relatively soon.

How do I use it?

GoMicro assessor is designed to be easy to use. You should be able to use it within 10 minutes.

Video of singing up and using

What we need from you

Most importantly, your support. You can support us by using our assessor and giving feedback on its performance. If you are happy with the results, you can promote them. We are a small start-up company without a marketing budget or marketing managers. We rely on the goodwill and enthusiasm of our early adopters to get wider adoption.

We expect feedback on our assessment ( we would like 5 images revised by you) so we can make improvements that we need to make. There are only two types of errors, misses – when the application ignores an object or misses identification.

You need to test it on 5 image sets and give us misses and misidentifications. We will have the right to publish this result.

We expect a testimonial with a phone of you using this device.

Video explaining this

How much does it cost?

We have a special pre-release off of 249 AUD (+ Shipping) GST is included. the pre-release offer comes with a year of free subscription. Subscription after that will cost 49 AUD / Month / Grain type – if you subscribe for 4 months (196 $). If you subscribe for a year, it will cost you 29 AUD / Month / Grain type (348 $). There is a maximum limit of 20 assessments per day.

How do I get one?

You can order one here. We are working on an app for assessing Wheat. It should be deployed by the end of December.


Is there a guarantee on the product? Free parts replacement on breakage for the first year. Shipment costs will have to be paid.

What happens if the app does not work to my satisfaction? – We will publish the accrues assessed by our users. No AI application is 100% accurate. No human assessor is 100% accurate. If there are deficiencies in the assessment, we may request additional image examples to fix them. But there will be no refund.