GoMicro – Go Underwater

A few GoMicro users have been asking us about using GoMicro’suitabilityty underwater photography.  Today we tested using a GoMicro Field Scope to take underwater images at Hallett Cove beach. We discovered that it is possible to take underwater shots with GoMicro.




This is how we did it. We first put a phone with our microscope clipped on into a waterproof phone pouch checked for leaks and then gradually immersed in water (still checking for leaks).


Now if you want to do it?

Your phone is probably one of your favourite possessions and water exposure will not do it any good. So please proceed with caution. You can buy “under-water phone covers” on Ebay. You can also use ziplock bags at your own risk.

Whatever you do, please check for water leaks before and during immersion and don’t forget to share your underwater pictures tagged #gomicroau

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