Fruit and Vegetable Grading

GoMicro can help sort and grade fruits and vegetables accurately
with your phone

GoMicro Box Checker

Two Different Ways to Assess with Box Checker

Adjust parameters in the app to show which fruit or vegetables are oversize/undersize, and unripe/overripe.
Show the fruit or vegetables ripeness stage.

GoMicro Spot Checker

Assess the ripeness of fruits and vegetables.

Spot Checker is Quick and Easy to Use

Take 1 photo and see the ripeness in less than 40 seconds

The assessment criteria are based on your needs and current standards.

GoMicro AI can now assess a wide range of fruit and vegetables according to your requirements. It can be used at box level for counting, detecting size & ripeness, and visual defects. It can also be used on individual items to assess their ripeness