How to Build Artificial Intelligence Apps for Box Checker

How does Artificial Intelligence Work?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) learns by looking at multiple images and being told what those images are, similar to teaching a person. Once it has been taught it can identify similar images quickly and accurately. While working with us we will help you to teach and build an AI app.

What will this AI app do?
The app we build together will be able to determine the ripeness stage of tomatoes.

How to Build an AI App?
Photos of the different ripeness stages will need to be taken using our device.
When taking photos it is optimal if they are taken where the Quality Control happens, if not try to find somewhere with similar lighting conditions.
Once a location is chosen, get 1 box for each ripeness stage you assess. When the tomato boxes have been acquired we can start setting up the device and taking photos.

Instructions for this are below.

How to Set Up and Take Photos to Build an AI App

STEP 1: Thread the phone holder onto the device shown in the video below.
The phone holder should be threaded until it is tight and in position shown in the image on the right

STEP 2: Attach phone to the phone holder, shown in the video below

STEP 3: Place the device on top of a full tomato box and take 1 photo. Shown in the video below. An example of a good photo is shown to the right of the video.

STEP 4: Rearrange the tomatoes in the box so the ones underneath the top layer get brought to the top layer.

STEP 5: Place the device on top and take 1 photo.
Important – Please send the first 2 photos to to check before taking all the photos.

STEP 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have 50 images of each ripeness stage you would like us to assess

STEP 7: Place the images in there respective folder on the google drive link shared with you via email.
e.g. Images of Stage 1 tomatoes are placed in the Stage 1 folder. Images of stage 2 tomatoes are placed in the Stage 2 folder and so on until all images are placed in their respective folder.
Below is an example of the google drive.

If there are any questions please contact