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AI Powered Phone Microscopy

GoMicro is a platform

We bring Microscopy and AI into phones enabling our partners to build powerful solutions.

Our current focus is agriculture

We are working with Agricultural Companies, research Organisations, Ag-Chem companies and Agronomist to put the power of AI in the hands of farmers.

Ag Companies and Groups

If we wish to use AI apps for the detection of pests, plant disease and the assessment of food quality

Ag Chemical Companies

We help Ag Chem companies match the right chemicals with the right pest or plant disease

Ag Research Organisations

We work with research institutions to build and validate our AI Engines

We also support education


We have developed a Micro Quest Game to encourage kids to explore the microscopic wonders of the world.


We are developing an educational version of GoMicro to support inquiry-based learning.

Citizen Science

We support citizen science organisations in their quest to bring science to the public

We build the most accurate AI detection systems for pest and plant disease

Our customised AI engines that can be deployed using GoMicro Phone clip-on microscopes. Early detection will help reduce the amount of pesticides used and accurate detection will greatly reduce the misuse of pesticides.

As a platform developer, we are seeking a range of partnerships that will help us deliver beneficial solutions to farmers and growers across a wide range of agricultural produce worldwide.