Smartphone Microscope


Smartphone Microscope

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Get your kids excited about STEMĀ 

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Buy your kids a GoMicro Smartphone Microscope today and let them rediscover the fun in Science, turning screen time into Science time

  • Designed for children 4+ years
  • Multi-lens design for crisp, clear images and video
  • Works with most smartphones and tablets
  • Super easy to use
  • No batteries


Hours and hours of fun exploration
with FREE Micro Quest app


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GoMicro is about exploration, fun, and engagement

GoMicro provides hours and hours of fun. The FREE Micro Quest app is designed for a family activity of exploring, capturing, and sharing amazing images that your child can capture with GoMicro.


GoMicro is not a toy. The images are of high quality and often stunning and something that you may want to share. Children as young as 4 years can slip GoMicro with ease on to most phones, tablets, and iPads, capturing amazing images of leaves, insects, minerals, and things that may surprise. It can be dropped and immersed in water if need be. It is tough.

It comes with a built-in diffuser to provide studio-quality lighting, a set of tweezers, and cap to capture and place insects – which can be filmed alive. GoMicro makes a perfect gift.