We are hiring

Entrepreneurial Science/Agriculture Graduate (Sri Lanka)


  • Business Development
  • Data Gathering


  • Biological Science or Agricultural Degree
  • More than 3 years of private sector experience
  • Sales experience
  • Entrepreneurial experience (something that you did for your self)
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication

Why you should apply

If you feel you can do a better job than your boss in your current role

Why you should not apply

If you have to be told what to do

University Internships (Australia)

We are looking for interns keen to work in a startup environment.

These are the qualities we look for

  • Ability to self learn new things (with a demonstration of that capacity through their own personal projects, not a university or school projects)
  • Ability to work in an unstructured environment – we are not a school or a conventional workplace
  • Ability to deliver – we are interested in end results
  • Ambition – an internship in a startup is not a pathway to a more boring job. It is an introduction and training in taking on new challenges

These are the skill sets we are looking for

  • Software Development – with a demonstrable interest in AI or image processing
  • Optical Engineering – interest in lens design and image quality analysis