We are hiring

AI Powered Phone Microscopy

We are an Australian-based AI start-up building a development team in Sri Lanka. You will work with a closely with the CEO and CTO to produce exceptional AI applications to be used in a wide variety of domains. We are looking to hire only those who are ready for the unique challenges that startups have to offer and not those in senior positions keen to move up the career ladder. The ability to self learn and work without excessive instructions to achieve exceptional results are key traits that we look for.

Senior AI Application and App Development/Manager (Sri Lanka)


  • Manage projects to design and deliver AI Solutions.
  • Manage Mobile App development
  • Test and Validate
  • Integrate our API based solutions into external platforms.


  • Excellent understanding of AI Technologies. BSc or MSc. in Computer Science, Data analytics, or AI.
  • Evidence of AI Application development
  • AutoML experience will be valued
  • Minimum of 6 years experience in IT and possess a high-level of proficiency in developing and deploying AI solutions.
  • Comprehensive multi-platform mobile app development experience
  • Good understanding of using and deploying with AWS
  • Basic understanding of image processing
  • Proficient in build management, release management, and version control (preferably through GitHub)
  • Proficient in JavaScript & Python. Experience in flutter will be valued.
  • A strong advocate of technology methodologies, including Agile (SCRUM), continuous integration/ continuous development, automation, and engineering best practices.
  • Excellent people management skills and possess the ability to set expectations and hold people accountable.
  • Project management and outsourcing experience
  • Good English communication skills

Why you should apply

Life is short and the opportunities to create exceptional Applications are rate

Why you should not apply

If you are looking for another job like the one you are willing to leave

Image Processing Application Developer (Sri Lanka)


  • Buiding of hosted and mobile app-based image processing applications
  • Testing and validation
  • Integrate our API based solutions into external platforms.


  • Excellent understanding of Image processing
  • Experience and evidence of using AI methods in image processing
  • Understanding of various colour spaces & image stacking (focus stacking)
  • Experience in Javascript and Python
  • Good English communication skills
  • Sample work in image processing

Desired Skill Sets

  • OpenCV
  • Convolutional Neural
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • NumPy
  • Image Segmentation
  • Machine Learning
  • Tensor Flow

Why you should apply

If you are confident that you are an image processing maestro

Why you should not apply

We prefer self-learners who can demonstrate what they have built with what they have learned themselves.

Entrepreneurial Science/Agriculture Graduate (Sri Lanka)


  • Business Development
  • Data Gathering


  • Biological Science or Agricultural Degree
  • More than 3 years of private sector experience
  • Sales experience
  • Entrepreneurial experience (something that you did for your self)
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication

Why you should apply

If you feel you can do a better job than your boss in your current role

Why you should not apply

If you have to be told what to do

University Internships (Australia)

We are looking for interns keen to work in a startup environment.

These are the qualities we look for

  • Ability to self learn new things (with a demonstration of that capacity through their own personal projects, not university or school projects)
  • Ability to work in an unstructured environment – we are not a school or a conventional workplace
  • Ability to deliver – we are interested in end results
  • Ambition – an internship in a startup is not a pathway to a more boring job. It is an introduction and training in taking on new challenges

These are the skill sets we are looking for

  • Software Development – with a demonstrable interest in AI or image processing
  • Optical Engineering – interest in lens design and image quality analysis