AI Powered Phone Microscopy

Microscopy 4.0

AI Scope to be released soon

Our AI Scopes are handy tools for farmers and agronomist. Works with most phones, tablets and iPads. No battery required. Crip well light images. No need for a battery. Works with GoMicro AI App (coming up soon) – is capable of automatic detection of pests, leaf disease and produce quality.

Detect 1x

10X Scope

Ideal for microscopic detection. Fungal & viral disease. viewing Window 10 mm

Detect 3x

30X Scope

Ideal for microscopic detection. Fruit Quality, Grain Quality. viewing Window 15 mm

A limited number of AI Scopes will be available soon


Session Kit


Smartphone Microscope
Smartphone Microscope

GoMicro is enabling farmers to go beyond what the human eye can see, giving them the ability to detect pests and plant disease accurately.

We will be presenting our plans @ Local Eco System


AgTech Partner

AgKonect brings the power of advanced mobile spatial data systems to agriculture

Integration Partner

Neil Steward Consulting creates innovative digital products for AgTech Companies

Edutainment Partner

QuestaGame is a real-world immersion, mobile technology company on a mission to save life on Earth.

We are building AI solutions for partner companies


Startup Showcase

Selected showcasing cutting edge technology relating to the agri-food sector. Evoke is Asia Pacific’s Largest AgTech Event 2020


Winner of the Adelaide round for the 1M investment Pitch. StartCon is Australias largest Startup & Growth Conference 2019

AIIA- iAwards

South Australia’s Startup of the year iAwards by the Australian Information Industry Association 2016

D3 Challenge

Winner of the Nature Connect Challenge hosted by the Government of South Australia 2017

Shuttleworth Flash Grant

Shuttleworth Grant for developing phone-based educational technologies 2015

ATSE Award

Global Connections Award to travel to the US for an EdTech study tour 2017