AI Powered Microscopy

has 100's of applications

Pest & Plant Disease

GoMicro brings AI Detection to Agriculture

Produce Quality

GoMicro an assess produce quality accurately

Sea Food

GoMicro can assess the freshness of sea food

Exploration Game

GoMicro lets kids discover the microscopic world


GoMicro turn exploration into education

Macro Photography

GoMicro brings super-macro capabilities to your phone

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Our Clip On Magnifiers

Best in Class. Works with most phones, tablets and iPads
GoMicro Inspect

GoMicro Inspect

for Agriculture

For assessing pests, plant disease and produce quality

Smartphone Microscope

GoMicro MicroQuest

Kids exploration toy

Encourage your kids to explore the magic of the microscopic world

Session Pack

Session Pack

exploration based learning sessions

10 pack boxes for running sessions