About Us

We are bringing phone-based AI Assessment to Agriculture – at scale, across applications, across continents

We are putting in the hands of farmers, assessment capabilities that will help them assess or detect anything that can be detected by the eye. We have also exceeded that, as we are able to detect things that cannot be detected with the human eye.

We are based at Flinders University in the land of the Kaurna people in South Australia.

Meet the Team

Sivam Krish

PhD Engineering
Cambridge University
B Eng. Aerospace MIT

Kasun Weerasooriya
Development Manager

MSc Project Management
Birmingham City University
B Eng. Beihang University

Amanpreet Singh
VP Grain India

Former marketing manager for AgNext

Keanan Holder
Product Designer

BA in Product Design
University of South Australia


Prof. Rob Lewis

Harry Lagad

Roberto Persivale