About Us

We provide advanced AI solutions for tackling complex assessment issues in agriculture.

We are a deep tech company developing AI Assessment solutions for the Agri value chain. Our patent-pending technology delivers unparalleled precision in evaluating the quality of fresh produce and grains.

Spoilage of fresh produce starts at the point of harvest, and it is crucial to have a reliable method of evaluating the freshness of produce throughout the entire value chain. Our phone-based AI assessment technology allows you to do just that, providing you with real-time data on the freshness of produce as it moves through the supply chain. As a result, our customers have a clear record of the quality of produce well before it arrives, helping them reduce waste and increase profitability.

We are proud to work with major supermarket chains and grain buyers worldwide who value the level of assessment that we can deliver.

Meet Our Team

Sivam Krish

PhD Engineering
Cambridge University
B Eng. Aerospace MIT

Prof. Jonathan Breiter
VP Business Development

Assistant Professor of Business, University of Nevada

Kasun Weerasooriya
VP Engineering

MSc Project Management
Birmingham City University
B Eng. Beihang University

Krish Muruga
VP Software Services

MS Computer Science – University of Rhode Island

Keanan Holder
R&D Manager

BA in Product Design
University of South Australia

Our R&D Lab is based in the New Ventrue Institute, Flinders University, South Australia

Based on Kaurna Land

Level 2 Room 2.22, Flinders University at Tonsley, 1284 South Road, Tonsley SA 5042

71 Hillview Avenue #03,
Hillview Apartments,
Singapore 669570

11260 Donner Pass Road STE C1 PMB 456
Truckee, CA 96161