Fall Armyworm detection

Our first $1 AI Scope Project

We believe that the FAW is detectable by anyone with a smartphone and GoMicro magnifier. Preliminary tests have proven this.

We are now in the process of developing a more comprehensive detection scheme to be deployed in Australia, US and EU with our GoMicro Examine and in the rest of the world with a 1$ GoMicro magnifier. We plan to :

  1. Collect image sets
  2. Build deploy and test our AI detection
  3. Make it available via GMicro App Detect


We are seeking global collaboration for developing and deploying an effective, affordable phone-based detection of FAW.

Detection Targets

Leaf Damage

This is something that we have not tried, but maybe worth trying. We need to select a few popular crop types and collect images of FAW damage and other insect damage

  1. Early Stage
  2. Late Stage

What we need to build AI Engines

We would provide the magnifiers at no charge, we would like :

  1. 100 images each detection target. We will discuss this with each partner. 
  2. Once the images are captured we would like you to share them with us using Google Drive or Dropbox. 
  3. We will then build the AI engine and do software test to ensure > 80% accuracy
  4. We will make this available for you to test and assess the accuracy
  5. We will then run field trials with farmers