Join Us

We are looking for interns keen to work in a startup environment.

These are the qualities we look for

  • Ability to self learn new things (with a demonstration of that capacity through their own personal projects, not university of school projects)
  • Ability to work in an unstructured environment – we are not a school or a conventional workplace
  • Ability to deliver – we are interested in end results
  • Ambition – an internship in a startup is not a pathway to a more boring job. It is an introduction and training in taking on new challenges

These are the skill sets we are looking for

  • Software Engineering – with a demonstrable interest in AI or image processing
  • Optical Engineering – interest in lens design and image quality analysis

How to Apply

Please email subject “Internship” with the following info

  • What you can do for the company. Maximum 3 lines
  • Similar things you have done. Maximum 2 lines
  • Don’t send CV – we don’t read them