Two Week FREE Test: Visually Assess wheat, lentils, soy, and corn with just your phone.

This offer is only for Australian Farmers. Others outside Australia are welcome to join the waitlist.

Grains Assessed with GoMicro Assessor

Seeing is Believing

Once you fill out the details below, we will send you a QR code (that you need to sign up) and instructions to use the app. You do not need any device to do an initial test. Please ensure you have about a 50g sample available for testing.


We don’t detect everything yet. Below is the list of what we can detect for each crop type. We are constantly improving and adding new categories. We will let you know when the next version is ready.

Poor Colour Seed CoatSproutedPurpleRegular Fungus
WrinkledBroken (Screenings)GreenGreen Fungus
Broken (Screenings)GoodDirtDamaged
ChippedNormalWhite Corn
Cracked Seed CoatWeeviled

The app works well indoors where the lighting is more uniform (no strong directional lighting that may cause shadows).

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